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About the Wellstone Memorial & Historic Site

VantagePoint Marketing - Paul Wellstone Memorial SceneryNear this site in October of 2002, a plane carrying United States Senator Paul Wellstone crashed en route to the Eveleth airport. As the 20th anniversary of the crash approaches, we were asked to create a website for the Memorial Site to pay tribute to Paul Wellstone, his career, remember those who were lost along with him in the crash, and show website visitors this beautiful site, which has been kept largely undisturbed. We were honored to create this website, and are proud of the finished product. 

Website Design

For this website, we started from scratch. We created a simple logo for the website, based on Paul Wellstone’s logo during his political career. The website includes history about the memorial site, Paul Wellsone, and those who were lost in the crash, as well as acknowledgements and directions to the site. It was important for us to maintain a serious tone, and to not over-complicate the website. Visitors of the website will be able to see the natural beauty of the memorial site and understand the impact Paul Wellstone had.

Virtual Walkthrough VantagePoint Marketing - Wellstone Memorial Virtual Walkthrough Screenshot

The biggest component of this website is a Virtual Walkthrough of the memorial site. This is a feature we’ve never had the opportunity to add to a website and working with the Matterport team made it extremely easy. Visitors can take a virtual walk through the memorial site, read the plaques, and get an idea of what the memorial is like in real life. This is a great feature for people who are unable to physically visit the memorial site.

We are very proud of the work we put into this website build and are grateful to those who are involved with the memorial site for giving us this opportunity. Be sure to check out the Paul Wellstone Memorial & Historic Site website, and don’t forget to take a virtual walk through the memorial site. 

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