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Professional, Flexible, Fast. Great Finished Product. Beautiful Website Design. Limitless Creative Logo Art for ALL Your Marketing Needs. Highly Recommend Vantage Point Marketing! Thank you, Vantage Point for your patience with me. I will do business with you again and again.

Aleesha Ackerman
Aleesha D Acupuncture

A fantastic marketing firm that goes a step further to help its local community without asking for anything in return. A true locally owned business supporting the Downtown Anoka area!

Jesse Hauf
10K Brewery

WOW!!! Rocky and her team are amazing! So much knowledge, So much Talent! The have brought life to our dream with design and marketing! I have worked with many other wed & SEO “professionals” in the past but nothing has compared to the product and service you receive!!

Scott Kratochvil
Protègè Fitness

What an amazing experience!! VantagePoint has been so easy to work with. They’re always there to answer my questions and make me feel included. I trust them with my project and can’t wait to see what our future holds together in marketing.

Melissa Zuniga

Excellent Service! Rocky and the team keep customers vision in mind while providing the creativity and ingenuity needed for websites, branding, and marketing ads. They have a great network of local vendors who do awesome work carrying out offsite branding and advertising when needed!

Jackie McGreavy
Blaine, MN

I could not imagine having someone better run my website and marketing. This Company is always growing and they are always are so creative. Never disappointed, ever. It is no surprise this team made it in the top 15 Marketing Companies in MN.

Jasmine Charee
Bella Charee Photography

Rocky and her team have done an amazing job of helping us build and market our brand. Thank you so much! We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

Andy Schelitzche
Manifest Wealth Management

Rocky and the team never disappoints in amazing, creative, and a perfectly driven message for our company, again and again. Graphics, content, and expertise are always OVER the top with amazing efficiency and delivery with satisfaction since 2012.

Shar Weinrauch
NewYou LLC

They are passionate about their work. Make amazing websites in a timely manner. Always answered questions and was very helpful. I highly recommend using them for your website.

Tyler Van Meveren
Summer Intern 

Rocky is a very talented and versatile design and marketing professional. As a former colleague of Rocky, I have seen her high-quality digital and print work firsthand. If you work with Rocky, you will see she is committed to creating effective, high-impact marketing content that is customized for your unique audience and goals. Rocky has experience working with a diverse range of clients, and her work is always insightful and strategic.

Aleisha T.
Minneapolis, MN
I almost gave up! As a starving artist, I was at the end of my rope trying to get clients. Vantage Point is the best website design and business accelerating team in the area, hands down. I love that the staff took the time to LEARN about my mission, culture, target audience, and goals for the future. I could tell the team genuinely cared about my business success. They know how to take their tech-savvy knowledge and educate others. My business has been booming, and I owe it all to the amazing and talented team at Vantage Point.

Calinn Green
My Legacy Photography

I hired Vantage Point Marketing Group this spring to redo my web site. Included in the package was a logo redesign that was amazing.  I’m very happy with the web site that was designed by there professional staff.  They also set me up with a company Facebook page that as already generated my work.  I have also hired them to do some additional marketing for us.  I keep finding that their prices are very reasonable.  I strongly would recommend  Vantage Point Marketing Group.

Nathan R.
Spade Landscaping

I received all of the services and information I was seeking. The process was simple and very easy! The people who work here are amazing! What we’ll run a business! Definitely, have my business for life 🙂

Kymbo Biar
Minneapolis, MN

Staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have been responsive to my needs as they have arisen. As stated above it’s been a pleasure working with the staff at VantagePoint. It’s been a positive experience and provided a boost to my business.

Kurt Zemlika
Minneapolis, MN

The talent in this marketing company is second to none!!! Professionalism is another strong point of this company. Doing business with them is always a great experience!

Linda Lamb
Minneapolis, MN

Very thorough and consistent with communication. Had a great way of knowing exactly what we were wanting out of the project

Abby Brooke
Minneapolis, MN

Timely, efficient and knowledgeable associates. Nice to call not knowing anything and being educated. Rocky, Mackenzie, and Liya are amazing. Great team!!

Tammy Casto
Golden Valley, MN

Excellent website and design service! timely, cost-efficient, and creative! They have taught me so much about branding and marketing! Thank you!!

Minneapolis, MN

They are very knowledgeable. Full of ideas. Great to work with. Strive to a great understanding of your needs and fulfill them. Make sure you understand everything along the way. Always a great experience. They hear you out and strive to fully fulfill your needs, provide service customized just for you.

Richard Berg
Minneapolis, MN

I’ve known Rocky for quite a long time now, and she and her team provide fantastic design work online and in print. Everyone I’ve sent their way has called back to tell me how happy they are with their services. I’ll gladly recommend their services to any small business or freelancer looking for professional website design and branding services. They provide quality work at really affordable prices, have a great network of local connections, and the work they do in the name of Veterans has always been especially impressive!

Michael McGreevey
Minneapolis, MN

I have worked many times with rocky. She has designed baby shower invitations, wedding shower invitations, and has recently designed my new business header and logo for my new Facebook page and upcoming website! She is fast, creative, excellent to work with and I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with on my many projects. She is so smart and comes up with designs so quickly it blows my mind!

Justine P.
Minneapolis, MN

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