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Bella Charee Photography


Over 5 Years of

Photography & Editing

Bella Charee Photography is your trusted local photography resource all year long. From your first photo shoot, until your last proof, Bella Charee takes quality images. You can trust the quality of work and service when you call 763.412.2207

Bella Charee Website Design &
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Photography Website Design

    A service website design that speaks for the woman-owned business’ purpose.

  • Branding Development

    Built a stronger woman-proud style around the existing, well-known company logo.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Enhanced the website content with accurate service information, target location, and improved viewer navigation.

  • Google Launch Process

    Updating the many corners of Google with Bella Charee’s new and improved website design.

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

    Supporting the launch of the new website, VantagePoint provides monthly marketing tasks within a preset monthly budget, working toward a predetermined plan of action.

Bella Charee Photography Website Design

Bella Charee Photography started the design with the benefits of a fresh WordPress website. Utilizing the content from her current website, we took advantage of this opportunity to provide the website design with a much stronger brand. The prior brand lacked direction and didn’t fully communicate key points about the core of the business. This business has an incredible reputation and deserves a look, style, and function that speaks to that reputation.

Bella Charee Photography as a Client

“Jasmine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She does business for the right reasons and is so passionate about her company, and the companies she services. When the website design project first started, we worked to provide a brand that truly fit her style, and highlighted the partnerships, services, and features of her new operation. With so many years of experience in the industry, Jasmine’s company deserved to look as high of quality as her customer service. It’s been great so far, Jasmine, and we’re looking forward to the content building!”


“My Legacy was a particularly fun brand styling to build for a photography industry website. The owner, Jasmine, is very friendly and easy to work with. She’s particular about quality, and I can respect that in any business owner.”

Liya L.

“We love it when Jasmine stops in! She’s a local gal, very personable, and works very hard for her business. Anything to do with anything with Photography and Editing…Jasmine is your woman!”

MacKenzie A.


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