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Acupuncture Therapy

It’s What We Do.

Ackerman Acupuncture specializes in Acupuncture for Pain Management. Whether it be long-standing pain brought on from a past injury or new pain from a more recent injury, we are here to help! We have helped manage pain for those who have suffered sports injuries, automobile trauma, stress injuries, inflammation pain, nerve entrapment, and even those with genetic conditions. 

Ackerman Acupuncture Website Design & Digital Marketing Summary

  • Acupuncture Website Design

  • Branding Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Launch Process

  • Google My Business

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

Ackerman Acupuncture Website Design

Ackerman Acupuncture Website Design began with a need for new content development. Starting with the development of a fresh brand style that spoke to the owner, Mike Ackerman, VantagePoint began with the new style direction defined, the website layout was created with room to grow as the company grows. The plan to build on the content over time to saves on cost and prevents design progress, and launched Ackerman Acupuncture’S Digital Marketing campaign in December 2017.

Ackerman Acupuncture as a Client

“Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with. He does business for the right reasons and is so passionate about his company, and the companies he services. When the website design project first started, we worked to provide a brand that truly fit his style, and highlighted the partnerships, services, and features of his new operation. With so many years of experience in the industry, Mike’s company deserved to look as high of quality as his customer service. It’s been great so far, Mike, and we’re looking forward to the content building!”


“Ackerman Acupuncture was a particularly fun brand styling to build for a machinery industry website. The owner, Mike, is very friendly and easy to work with. He’s particular about quality, and I can respect that in any business owner.”

Liya L.

“We love it when Mike stops in! He’s a local guy, very personable, and works very hard for his business. Anything to do with anything with acupuncture…Mike is your man!”

MacKenzie A.


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