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Ergonomic Office Furniture

It’s What We Do.

WittFitt . . .
has been the leader in promotion and integration of movement into the workplace and school environment for 14 years.  Our products are amazing in the school setting, but EVERYONE needs to move…kids and adults alike.

WittFitt Office Furniture Website Design & Digital Marketing Summary

  • Ergonomic Furniture Website Design

  • Branding Development

  • Logo Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Launch Process

  • Google My Business

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

WittFitt Office Furniture Website

WittFitt Office Furniture Website Design began with a need for new content development. Starting with the development of a fresh brand style that spoke to the owner, Lisa Witt, VantagePoint began with a new logo. With the new style direction defined, the website layout was created with room to grow as the company grows. The plan to build on the content over time to saves on cost and prevents design progress.

WittFitt Customers Say...

“I love my mats and hokki stool! They help keep my body healthy and allow for better ergonomics for my work and home. I treat musculoskeletal issues with massage and acupuncture and see the effects of bad work and home ergonomics all the time. The mats help give support from the impact of standing in one spot frequently and the stool allows for mobility while sitting. They also look nice in the work or home setting.”

Massage & Acupuncture Therapist

“I love having the option to sit on my evolution chair and then stand every hour or so at the table that adjusts to standing height with the push of a button.  My low back is sore often and this kind of movement keeps it feeling great!  Thanks WittFitt”


“I use the hokki at my desk at home—and at work—to help strengthen my core and improve posture.  It took a while to get used to sitting-without-relaxing, but now active sitting is more comfortable for me and surely more healthy than slouching in an office chair.”

Sales / Office Manager


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