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The River Jackson Event Room is a newly remodeled event space conveniently located at the corner of Jackson Street and 2nd Avenue in Downtown Anoka, Minnesota. With its unique building architecture, amazing acoustics and room for as many as 125 guests, River Jackson is the perfect choice for your wedding celebration, corporate function, or family gathering. First opened in 2020, The River Jackson Event Room has quickly grown to be the top event space in Anoka, MN. River Jackson specializes in hosting events.

The River Jackson Website Design & Digital Marketing Summary

  • Event Center Website Design

  • Logo Design

  • Branding Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Launch Process

  • Google My Business

The River Jackson Website Design

The River Jackson Website Design began with a need for new content development. Starting with the development of a fresh brand style that spoke to the owner, VantagePoint began with a new logo. With the new style direction defined, the website layout was created with room to grow as the company grows. The plan to build on the content over time to saves on cost and prevents design progress.

River Jackson as a Client

“I’ve known Bill for a number of years now and when he came to me to get started on the project, we couldn’t get going fast enough! While the brand and website were getting developed, they were finishing up construction on the event space. They wanted the website up and running prior to opening, that way, customers could start contacting them about tours – with that in mind, the team was able to find a set of fantastic images to use as placeholders while we wait on the official photoshoot. Congratulations on the new adventure, Bill! ”


“We were ecstatic to hear that one of our favorite lunch spots in Anoka purchased the suite next and turned it into an event room. We were even more excited to be able to help them with their Brand Development and Website Build. Throughout the build, we were able to efficiently communicate with Bill and Sydney through email, phone conversations, and a quick stop-in every once in a while. I’m excited to see the portfolio grow as they continue to schedule out more events. ”

MacKenzie A.

“When I first began working on the branding for The River Jackson Event Room my thoughts immediately went to elegance. Gold accents with crisp lines were my inspiration behind the logo and overall website layout. With my guidance, Bill and Sydney were finally able to agree on a direction and from there, we were able to complete the website within two weeks.”

Liya L.


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