The Aura Air Website Design

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The Aura Air Website Design


Fresh Outdoor Air Indoors

The Aura Solution brings the energy of the sun and wind indoors. Restoring the energy levels of your indoor air restores the health potential of your environment. Increased blood O2 levels can improve sleep, increase memory, and improve breathing.

The Aura Air Website Design &
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Air Energy Website Design

    A service website design that speaks for the purpose.

  • Branding Development

    Built a stronger style around the existing.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Enhanced the website content with accurate service information, target location, and improved viewer navigation.

  • Google Launch Process

    Updating the many corners of Google with new website design.

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

    Supporting the launch of the new website, VantagePoint provides monthly marketing tasks within a preset monthly budget, working toward a predetermined plan of action.

The Aura Air Website Design

The Aura Air’s Website Design began with a need for new content development. Starting with the development of a fresh brand style that spoke to the owner, Eric Converse, VantagePoint began with a new logo. With the new style direction defined, the website layout was created with room to grow as the company grows. The plan to build on the content over time to saves on cost and prevents design progress.


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