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Reclaim Lost Property

Airport Lost & Found Service


Airport Lost and Found Service

Travelers across the world use Reclaim’s Airport Lost and Found Service to reclaim lost items and lost luggage. Submit a claim, and our experts will launch an investigation to help reclaim your property. If you’ve lost items and need an airport lost and found service, consider Reclaim.

Reclaim Website Design &
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Logo Design

    The client left the brand styling direction up to VantagePoint Marketing for an affordable brand solution.

  • Service Website Design

    A sleek, easy-to-navigate website that gets right to the point of the service.

  • Branding Development

    Establishing a clean and sleek feeling across all reproductions, online and in print.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Hundreds of individually optimized landing pages with coordinating paid campaigns for incredible conversion rates.

  • Google Launch Process

    Utilizing Google’s many tools to direct the right visitors from across the globe to the right pages.

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

    Supporting the launch of the new website, VantagePoint provides monthly marketing tasks within a preset monthly budget, working toward a predetermined plan of action.

Reclaim Airport Lost & Found Service Website Design

Reclaim Lost Property may have started with meager beginnings, but it had big dreams from Day 1. VantagePoint Marketing helped Reclaim realize that dream by building a stronger, more trustworthy brand. While the new styling was being developed, the functions were being fine-tuned and automated for an easier operation process. This proved especially important given the exciting jump in online traffic and sales from the initial seasonal marketing campaign. And to think, we’ve just begun!

Reclaim as a Client

“I thought my cell phone was gone for good. I had no idea where to turn and was too stressed and out of sorts to figure it out. I was in a new place, didn’t speak the language. But I hired Reclaim to lead the search and it was so simple. One form and they took care of the search. A bathroom attendant at the airport had turned it in!”

Sara P.

“Calling around through the various departments of an airline or airport in an attempt to recover lost items can be so frustrating, time-consuming, and often intimidating. Knowing the right processes, people, and direct connections can make a big difference when trying to recover a lost item, and Reclaim has managed just that service. They came to us to help provide a trustworthy experience for their visitors online, and the feedback since the website launch has been outstanding. ”


“Outstanding customer service. Unfortunately, they couldn’t locate my item. But when they communicated with me, it was apparent how hard they had tried for the minimal cost they charge. I was impressed.”

Jerry H.


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