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Joining Protege Fitness Studios means becoming a member of our Pride. We aren’t a large fitness club. We aren’t a 24-hour gym where you go to mindlessly jog on a treadmill, and end up frustrated from lack of results. We are a team of everyday people finding ways to put our health as a priority in the lives we lead. 

Protégé Fitness Website Design

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Protégé Fitness Website Design

The Protégé Fitness Studio website design was created from a very purposeful brand, designed in conjunction with the business owners. Looking to take advantage of their brand as a way to communicate who they are as a business, the logo design, brand styling, terminology and imagery all have a deeper meaning. Establishing a strong brand allows Protégé Fitness to communicate how their community-style fitness studio stands out from other big-box gyms and 24-Hour workout spots. The website itself has been created with a process that allows the owners to edit, add, and update the content as they are able.

Protégé Fitness
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Protégé Logo Design

    A new logo design as a foundation for the Protégé brand.

  • Professional Photography

    Onsite Photo Shoot of Studio

  • Branding Development

    Defined image selection, terminology, and brand details.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Optimized online presence for Fitness Studio audience.

  • Google Launch Process

    Full Google-Launch with website release.

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

    Monthly marketing & SEO efforts to support growth.


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