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Over 3 Years of

American History T-shirts

Our Lost Founding finds these powerful quotes, pairs them with a pertinent American artifact in thoughtful and artistic fashion, and prints our artwork on Made in USA t-shirts for you to wear and share with those around you. Our blank t-shirts come from US Blanks because they “mill, dye, cut and sew all right here in the USA.”

Our Lost Founding Website Design &
Digital Marketing Summary

  • American History T-shirts Website Design

    A service website design that speaks for the Veteran-owned business’ purpose.

  • Branding Development

    Built a stronger Veteran-proud style around the existing, well-known company logo.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Enhanced the website content with accurate service information, target location, and improved viewer navigation.

  • Google Launch Process

    Updating the many corners of Google with Our Lost Founding’s new and improved website design.

Our Lost Founding T-shirts Website Design

Our Lost Founding, a proud TRUST VETS MEMBER, started with the optimization of their existing website. Unfortunately, the prior site was beyond affordable repair, and the benefits of a fresh WordPress website were apparent. Utilizing the content from their current website, we took advantage of this opportunity to provide the website design with a much stronger brand. The prior brand lacked direction and didn’t fully communicate key points about the core of the business. This Veteran Owned & Operated business has an incredible reputation and deserves a look, style, and function that speaks to that reputation.

Our Lost Founding as a Client

“James is an absolute pleasure to work with. He does business for the right reasons and is so passionate about his company, and the companies he services. When the website design project first started, we worked to provide a brand that truly fit his style, and highlighted the partnerships, services, and features of his new operation. James’s company deserved to look as high of quality as his customer service. It’s been great so far, James, and we’re looking forward to the content building!”


“Our Lost Founding was a particularly fun brand styling to build for a machinery industry website. The owner, James, is very friendly and easy to work with. He’s particular about quality, and I can respect that in any business owner.”

Liya L.

“We love it when James stops in! He’s a local guy, very personable, and works very hard for his business. Anything to do with anything with patriotic…James is your man!”

MacKenzie A.


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