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TCM uses a different set of theories to understand the human’s body and diseases, which includes Qi theory, Yin-Yang theory, Organ theory, and the Five Elements theory. Their theories are interconnected with each other to serve the ultimate goal – promoting health by maintaining the balance of the body.

Live Heal Natural Website Design &
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  • Branding Development

  • Logo Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

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Live Heal Natural Acupuncture Website Design

Live Heal Natural Website Design began with a need for new content development. Starting with the development of a fresh brand style that spoke to the owner, Jason Lu, VantagePoint began with a new logo. With the new style direction defined, the website layout was created with room to grow as the company grows. The plan to build on the content over time to save on cost.

Live Heal Natural as a Client

“One of my favorite parts of designing is taking someone’s vision and turning into reality, and that’s exactly what we did for Jason. He had visions of acupuncture needles combined with YingYang. After a few samples and a couple rounds of edits, we were able to complete the unique design. ”

Liya L.

“Jason is a 5 Star customer for sure! Throughout the Logo and Website Design, he was able to give us honest feedback in a timely manner! Because of his response time, we were able to get the project from start to finish in a matter of weeks.”

MacKenzie A.


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