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Minneapolis Psychic Readings & Holistic Healing

Our goal is to help you rediscover your purpose and reconnect with the universe in every way. We are a unique spiritual community that desires to bring out the truth and love that is within each and every one of us.

Karmik Channels Website Design &
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Psychic Medium Website Design

    A service website design that speaks for the positive energy purpose.

  • Branding Development

    Built a stronger psychic medium around the existing, well-known company logo.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Enhanced the website content with accurate service information, target location, and improved viewer navigation.

  • Google Launch Process

    Updating the many corners of Google with Karmik Channel’s new and improved website design.

  • Marketing Materials and Optimazation

    Supporting the launch of the new website, VantagePoint provides monthly marketing tasks within a preset monthly budget, working toward a predetermined plan of action.

Karmik Channels Website Design

Karmik Channels, started with the optimization of their existing website. Unfortunately, the prior site was beyond affordable repair, and the benefits of a fresh WordPress website were apparent. Utilizing the content from their current website, we took advantage of this opportunity to provide the website design with a much stronger brand and curb appeal. The prior brand lacked in direction and didn’t fully communicate key points about the core of the business. Karmik Channels as a business has an incredible reputation and deserves a look, style, and function that speaks to that reputation.

Karmik Channels as a Client

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ron yesterday for an outstanding, direct and personal reading. The reading was accurate, insightful and gave me direction for the future and explanations for the past. The time just flew by! I also had the fortune of meeting Jill; the two of them complement each other so well and have such a natural, hopeful way of articulating the lens through which they see things. I am so excited to continue my journey with them both- thank you!!

-Andrea D.

Could not believe it! Went to Ron because I was having things go, “bump in the night.” Wanted clarity because, let’s face it, lack of sleep plus working overtime was driving me insane. Turns out it was just a friendly spirit who hadn’t realized their time had come and gone. They thought I was intruding on them. LOL We sorted it out and Ron helped me tell them that, it’s my place now and they needed to move on.

-Emily B.

I highly recommend Ron and Jill. Not only did Ron help me find a bit of the closure i needed in my life, but he also helped me realized that life needs to be appreciated. He was accurate in his readings and provided me the support i needed. Thank you Ron. One if the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, but definitely not the last. ????

-Sara Y.

How do I begin to express gratitude??? The seriousness of my ongoing dilemma was choking the life out of me, until Ron shed light on the matter. His straight forward approach and no–nonsense delivery was just what I was looking for, I only wish I had found it sooner!!!

-Cheryl M.


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