Jeff’s Cancer Treatment Fundraiser

View the fundraiser on Facebook as we try to help raise $16,500 for Jeff & Linda!

In November of 2018, Jeff’s life completely changed when he was diagnosed with stage 2 tonsil and lymph node cancer. Jeff’s passion has always been music, thoughts now running crazy through his head if his cancer would end his dream! Would his wife be ok? Would he still have his voice?
His team of doctors came up with Jeff’s treatment plan, in December of 2018, he began chemotherapy and radiation treatments, his doctors also decided that they would place a G-Tube to insure he would receive all the nutrients needed.

Jeff’s wife Linda is disabled, receiving a income that is not nearly enough to support their family. Jeff’s nutrients are $3,000 a month alone, he also has outrageous copays and out of pocket deductibles that are overwhelming to try and pay.

Jeff was faced with no other option but to sell his other passion, his motorcycle, to try and reduce the stack of medical bill’s that were piling in. Jeff and Linda now are dreading for January to sneak up on them when his high medical deductibles will be due again.

You can help alleviate the financial stress by donating to his fundraiser, whether you are able to donate $5 or $500, every donation helps, no donation is to small and is appreciated. He has worked out a agreement with one of the medical bill companies that they are unable to pay in full.

EVERY dollar that is paid by Jeff & Linda or on their behalf to this overdue bill, the company will match Jeff’s payments and reduce his bill , DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! NOW is the best time to eliminate some of Jeff’s daily stress by donating and sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for considering donating.

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Who do you know that would love to support Jeff and Linda?

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