Foot Health Insoles Paid Marketing Campaign

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Foot Health Insoles

Contact Information:

(612) 440-7030

16887 Partridge St NW
Andover MN 55304

Insoles & Foot Care

We Care About Feet.

We offer quality insoles and foot-care products from the leading brands, getting you back on your feet and feeling good!

Foot Health Insoles
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Marketing Research

  • Sales Analysis

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

Foot Health Insoles E-Commerce Marketing

Foot Health Insoles came to VantagePoint Marketing, LLC., looking for a boost in marketing their established website. Lacking in impressive sales, we started with a test campaign to explore how the site performed with paid advertising support. Noticing the advertising was successful and leading the right visitors to the site, the sales still weren’t where they wanted to be. Adjustments to the content and website design to enhance the viewer’s experience on the site are currently scheduled for upcoming month’s marketing tasks. Thankfully, VantagePoint’s pay-as-you-go option provided an opportunity for important services Foot Health needs, within a monthly budget they can afford.

Foot Health Insoles as a Client

“Nikki is just a pleasure to work with. Exploring this business venture is something she firmly believes in, and we are honored she’s turned to VantagePoint Marketing for help. We can take any size steps right along with her, even providing tips she can do herself so as to save her monthly costs, but keep her campaign progressing toward their goals.”



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