Chip Your Car Performance Chips


Performance Chip ECU Tuning

Chip Your Car’s performance chip simply plugs into your OBD/Diagnostic port in less than 60 seconds. The performance chip loads new, pre-tuned motor-specific fuel maps onto your ECU, and improves performance throughout the vehicle’s power band. Whether your vehicle has stock ECU tuning or has aftermarket modifications, our performance chip will adapt to your modifications and provide the tune necessary for your vehicle’s individual setup.

Chip Your Car Website Design

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Chip Your Car Website Design

The Chip Your Car website design has been an incredible rebuild for marketing. When the members of the VantagePoint Marketing team began working with the website, the focus was immediately dedicated to content building. The old-school optimization techniques were updated to be far less cluttering and keyword stuffed, instead, optimizing the site for the online shopper, not as “SEO Tricks”. Improving the relevancy and sheer amount of content launched the website organically, meanwhile, improving the shopping experience boosted overall sales. The digital marketing effort for Performance Chips continues!

Chip Your Car
Digital Marketing Summary

  • Chip Your Car Logo Design

    A new logo design as a foundation for the Chip Your Car brand.

  • Branding Development

    Defined image selection, terminology, and brand details.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Optimized online presence for the car performance audience.

  • Google Launch Process

    Full Google-Launch with website release.

  • Local Monthly Marketing Strategy

    Monthly marketing & SEO efforts to support growth.


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