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Blue Fin Pool & Spa Website

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Locally owned and operated since 1991, Blue Fin Pool & Spa is the company you can trust. Our stunning showroom is conveniently located and our experienced staff is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services the industry has to offer. 

Blue Fin Pool & Spa Website Design Summary

  • Brand Card

  • Pool & Spa Website Design

  • Online Brand Establishment

  • Content Layout

  • Website Optimization

  • Google Launch Process

  • Google My Business

Blue Fin Pool & Spa Website Design

Our relationship with the Blue Fin Pool & Spa team began in March 2020 when Scot gave us a call looking for more information on website design. At that point, his website was several years old and he knew it was time for an update, so we went ahead and scheduled the Initial Consultation for the following week. During that first meeting, along with a new website, Scot and the team expressed an interest in getting a Brand Card developed to keep the branding consistent across all avenues of their business. The logo that was on the website was incorrect and didn’t match any of their apparel or other marketing items. We also got into the discussion of a marketing campaign that specifically revolved around their Shoreline and Cove Spas. It was decided that the campaign would be built and run once the new website was live, hopefully by the middle of Summer.

After they officially approved the quote, the Kick-Off call was scheduled and completed by the end of March. This allowed the Lead Designer, Liya, to connect directly with Scot and the team on their vision for the new website. They were very quick on completing and sending their “homework” into us. Because of their very clear requests, Liya was able to get to work right away with creating the Home Page, which was reviewed and approved by Scot at the beginning of April.

As Liya began the inside pages (all 35 of them), Blue Fin Pool & Spa was beginning to enter their busy season, which was great, but it did lead to some delays with their response time. After a bit more back and forth, the inside pages and our developed content were reviewed and approved. The website itself was approved for launch at the beginning of July.

The new website was launched and connected to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console in July 2020. At this time, we’re currently working with Scot on finalizing the details of the Marketing Campaign set to begin in September 2020.


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