Anoka Royal Ambassador Website

What is the Anoka Royal Ambassador Program?

The Royal Ambassador Program supports the growth and development of young women in Anoka through scholarship, achievement, and grace. The Ambassador Program strives to foster a positive growth experience for all young women, creating higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • 8 Page Website Design

  • Logo & Branding Design

  • Online Form Development

  • Google Launch Process

The folks with the Anoka Royal Ambassador Program came to us after working together on the Anoka Halloween website for the last couple of years, ready for their turn! The Ambassador Program had never had its own website, rather, a few pages on Anoka Halloween’s website. As the program is expected to continue to grow, they knew a dedicated website is just what they needed.

At the start of the project their main goals included the following:

  • An easy-to-use website, with not too much scrolling or clicking.
  • Online versions of their sponsorship and candidate applications.
  • Displaying the Past Royalty members and the current Candidates.

After closely working together for three months we were able to accomplish all of the above plus a fully functional event calendar and “Past Royalty” page.

Date of Launch: October 21, 2021


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