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The Halloween Capital

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The celebration has been going for almost 100 years, and the city of Anoka continues to throw the biggest Halloween bash in the area! With so much involved in getting ready for a variety of events, the Anoka Halloween committee needed a new, fast, responsive website to keep the community up-to-date on all things Halloween. They also wanted to expand the Gift Shop into online territory, so we set up an e-commerce store to help them expand.

Anoka Halloween


  • Anoka Halloween Website Design

  • Branding Development

  • Styling & Layout

  • WooCommerce Online Store

  • Event Calendar

  • Google Launch Process

Anoka Halloween Website Design

Anoka Halloween’s Website Design started with a fresh look at their brand. The logo didn’t have any established guidelines or set styles, instead, they used the only scanned image file left in the administrative collection. An organization with such a rich history deserves to have a true brand established so their style can shine everywhere they market.

We cleaned up the logo, staying with the historical look but cleaning up the overall layout. The pumpkins were vectorized for unlimited future reproduction needs, and the logo was laid out in multiple layout options for various uses.

Next, one of our photographers went around town taking photos to turn into new backgrounds and added graphic content for the website. The images were altered to for a haunted halloween feel and will be used in a multitude of marketing items in the near future.

The updated brand and content were worked into a new growth-focused website design with an improved event calendar, new online shop, and a multi-site platform to give the Anoka Ambassadors their own website.


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