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New Strategic Partnership Announcement

DowntownWeb_LogoPhoenix Website Design, LLC., a Minneapolis based website design company, is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with VantagePoint Marketing Group, a local online marketing, web and graphic design provider. It holds true that great minds think alike. But when great minds team up, even greater things happen.  After five years of leaning on each other individually, the decision to collaborate website design skills, graphic design abilities, and online marketing resources means outstanding benefits and savings for their clients.

With the partnership in the early summer of 2015 came an exciting relocation to the historic area of Downtown Anoka.  Step onto Jackson Street, and breathe in the ambience.  Blocks of brick architecture preserve the town’s original history. The casual hustle of shoppers’ feet, the laughter of bar-goers, the roar of a classic car idling around the corner: You’re immersed in an irresistible townscape that is truly unparalleled.

And so was born the inspiration for the new brand and company name: Downtown Design.

Phoenix Website Design brought to the plate over 9 years of website development experience. With websites designed to drive business, they brought to the table an added value for their clients: Web design platforms that clients could actually edit themselves. Phoenix maintained a genuine interest in the success of their clients’ businesses. For that reason, they worked hard to provide exceptional design respect to their time and cost savings.

VantagePoint Marketing Group offered over 17 years of design and online marketing experience to the team. Offering a wide variety of marketing services, VantagePoint skill sets were grounded in design. Their partial-pairing to Phoenix in 2010 led to the addition of website development and hosting. Their innovative designs tie together a company’s brand, both online and in the hands of their clients, through online and print marketing and design.

The partnership between these two brings the experience of designing for clients such as: Target Corp., OfficeMax Inc., Great Northern Corporation, Envoy Mortgage, Pacific Union Financial, 3M, Liz Claiborn, Polaris, Medtronic, Best Buy, Carlton Companies, North Memorial Hospital, and more.

The anticipation of what waits on the highway ahead of Downtown Design is incredibly exciting: for the owners, affiliates, and clients. Downtown Design is hosting an Office Open House on Thursday, October 1st, 2015, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony presented by the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce, with food deliciously provided by Casa Rio of Anoka. Can’t make it to their Open House? CLICK HERE to enter for their DOOR PRIZES online!

01/28/2018 UPDATE:

It would seem this marketing partnership was meant to be short-lived, but any experience can be benefitted from if you can learn from it. The partnership between VantagePoint Marketing, LLC., and Christy Huisenga started out with incredibly promising plans, but the execution fell short for a variety of reasons. Rolling through a majority of their differences during their partnership, the business situation began to change drastically at the end of summer 2017.

Taking leave so that she could tend to her ill father, Christy abruptly left for home in South Dakota in August 2017. Under Rocky’s leadership, the team stepped up to cover Christy’s position so she could be by her father’s side. Rocky, Liya, and MacKenzie were happy to support their colleague in a time of need. It wasn’t easy holding up the fort with limited accesses, and being one being person short for our production level, but every extra effort was worth it. That is what teams do.

However, larger issues arose when the above-mentioned “family leave” started becoming weekends away and a vacation in Florida, when the team was in dire need of her return. To run short-handed for a family emergency is understandable. To stay short-handed in what was becoming an urgent concern for the business, in the name of a vacation or weeknights tending the family bar, was not acceptable. In addition, the time spent covering the missing team members’ duties had been uncovering an alarming set of billing and invoicing issues. Clients were storming into the office with loud complaints and threats of legal action. The uneasiness in the office was building, fast, yet for months the team received little support or response from the owner.

It quickly became clear that the partnership could no longer move forward as it stood. Looking to either, A: Buy Christy out of her half of the business, or B: Leave to return to VantagePoint roots, Rocky presented Christy with a unique proposition to divide the business and clients amicably. With both parties excited to save Downtown Design, and still be able to each pursue one’s own life priorities, the proposition was truly ideal. Clients were divided according to the amount of work they needed, expenses allocated, and equipment divided. Professionals were consulted, and deadlines were set. The transition was moving along smoothly until a change of heart happened just inches before the finish line.

Since their original agreement on November 17, 2017, Christy has backed out of the original deal to sell the Downtown Design brand, and half the client list, to Rocky. She has also chosen to back out of the original agreement for ownership of Downtown Design, and is currently refusing to pay Rocky for her investment in the company, either via backpay for hours unpaid, or ownership in the company.

What was nearly a seamless transition, became a mess of confusion and storytelling. Rocky remains 100% open to receiving any and all questions from those who want to know the details, though has chosen to not be very vocal online or with continued attempts to convince clients one way or another.

“I’ll tell anyone anything, I’m proud of the work the girls and I have been doing. We worked very hard to get the tasks done in time, by a deadline that Christy set herself. We’ve built a new and accurate billing system, and made up a lot of work for our clients when we discovered they were being underserved, and overcharged. I feel for anyone who feels caught in the middle and isn’t sure what to believe, and completely understand their decisions, no matter how they decide to proceed. It’s an unfortunate circumstance, but thankfully it has affected very little of our operations, simply thanks to where in the transition it all fell apart. We lost a few communications, and it was frustrating to have our emails and phones intercepted, even imitated. But our clients are good people, our industry partners are good people, and this team does everything  for good reasons. It’s all going to work out in the end.” -Rocky Borchardt

As soon it was apparent that the deal could no longer move forward as originally agreed, Rocky simply turned her attention to updating the brand on her original company: VantagePoint Marketing Group. With a new look, a new LLC., and the same office on Main Street in Anoka, the team couldn’t be more excited. Right now, the team is working offsite to give Christy time to clear her belongings from the office space. Production is moving along smoothly while they wait for new furniture and phones to be installed. VantagePoint Marketing, LLC., will be back running 100% by the end of February 2018.

Anyone who has questions regarding the status of their website, marketing, or regarding the break-up of the Downtown Design team, you are invited to call Rocky on her cell: 763.442.2584.


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