Kickoff Form (Edited)

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Does the Client Have a Sitemap?


Preferred Method of Contact

About Owner/Business

What are your biggest challenges?
How is your business different?
Why would a client trust/buy your products/services?
What are your guarantees?
How do most customers do business with you?
How do you WANT customers to do business with you?
How many people are in the company?

Who is Your IDEAL Customer?

Marital Status
Education Level
Employment Status
Job Level
Household Income


How do you want your logo to look?

Website Content

Do you currently have a website? *
What are the goals of the website?
What do you like about your existing website?
What do you dislike about your existing website?
What activities would you like users to do on your website?
What types of content will be on the website?
What content needs to be created?
Do you need help creating new content?


What level of traffic are you currently receiving?
How well is your website performing for your objectives?
What are they doing well?
What are they doing poorly?

Social Media

Awards, Recognitions & Affiliations

Is your business:
Examples: Chamber of Commerce, Networking groups, BBB, Angie's List, News Articles etc

Design Preference

Which style do you prefer?
What style(s) do you prefer?
What parts of websites do you like the design or functionality of? (From any industry)
Would you like to add any pages?


Domain & Files

IMPORTANT: Client must complete all homework before website design can begin.