It’s true, it’s here, it’s simple. VantagePoint’s multisite platform will host UNLIMITED WEBSITE DESIGNS for one cost of $99/mo! This program is perfect to encourage marketing growth for businesses and entrepreneurs without adding to monthly expenses. Call today for details: 612.444.2211

Multisites are Ideal For:

Multiple Businesses  |  Promotional Landing Pages  |  Agent/Team Web Pages  |  eCommerce Product Promotions  |  Special Events 

Building your website on a multisite platform opens a world of opportunity for hosting multiple websites at a single cost, but that’s not all! A multisite platform offers management opportunity you can’t get from a stand-alone web design. How would you like to manage ONE shopping cart for FIVE different websites? Or create an individual website dedicated to your biggest event of the year? Multisite platform website designs allow you to hone your focus in on any area of your business to improve marketing, add function or operation, and offer additional communication whenever you need it.

  • Is there a specific product you’d like to sell more of? With a multisite, we can create a new website dedicated to that product, branded specifically for that product and target market. An individualized design can be created for the specific audience and the desired engagement. If your product can be purchased online, we can even use a single shopping cart across multiple websites, making your management easier.
  • Do you have an annual event you throw or attend? Give us a call and we’ll create a new web page specifically dedicated to that event and the website can be as robust or as simple as you need it to be. They could register online, buy tickets, download fliers, discover details and browse photo galleries. This website can link to, and advertise for, any of your other websites, too!
  • Do you have multiple locations? Landing pages within a single site is often sufficient for a business with multiple locations. For the times when services, team members, and operational hours vary between locations, it is usually better for the audience to have an individual website dedicated to each one.
  • Does your business have multiple divisions? Residential vs. Commercial. Local vs. Nationwide. B2B vs. B2C. Wholesale vs. Retail.  Many businesses offer their services to multiple markets or to varying degrees, which can be confusing for the viewer. Having an individual website dedicated to the message and purpose of each arm within your business is helpful from a consumer and operational standpoint.
  • How often do you have new ideas? Multisite platforms are ideal for entrepreneurs with bright ideas! If you’re someone who has new ideas for their current business, services and products, or entirely new ideas all together, a multisite is perfect for an affordable avenue to explore the potential of your new brain child. Let’s give it a whirl!

You read that right. Only $99/month to host UNLIMITED websites!

What’s the catch? No catch. We’ll host as many new websites on your multisite account with VantagePoint for one single cost. Our WordPress managed hosting services take care of the technology so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Unlimited websites per account, up to 50 GB bandwidth or 250,000 users, which, if you’re not familiar, is a lot. You’ll be good. That’s our fine print, and it’s really not much.

  • CDN & SSL included
  • WordPress CMS Updates free
  • WordPress Analytic Tools available
  • Genesis Framework

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