Leaving Downtown

to get back to the VPoint.

In November 2017, discussions regarding the future of Downtown Design, LLC., turned into a plan for positive change. Looking to accommodate the best interests of all involved during a time when the needs and goals were changing for various members of the team, a plan was developed for the amicable divide of the organization.

Cooperating toward the same goal, the entire Dtown Team worked together to smoothly transition the company through a majority of the agreement, before hitting a hiccup at the finish line. As stated in the original Press Release, our initial intention was to continue as Downtown Design, LLC., however, the seller’s change of heart sent us in a different direction– Back to our VantagePoint Marketing, LLC. roots.

This re-establishment has been an exciting opportunity to reevaluate our operations to best serve our clients. Rocky, MacKenzie and Liya are excited to continue as VantagePoint Marketing, LLC., remaining in the Anoka office location at 118 East Main Street, Anoka, Minnesota, 55303. 


VantagePoint Marketing, LLC. operations are designed for companies and organizations of all sizes.

So, while we’re building a new brand for our old company, we’re excited to continue with the new operational updates we had been building for our clients. As VantagePoint Marketing, our clients will enjoy:

  • No Cancellation Fees- Ever.

  • No Long-Term Contracts.

  • Per-Minute Billing: Pay as You Go!

  • 30-Day Agreements.

  • 15% Off Veteran Discount.

  • Free Artwork Access.

  • No Migration Fees.



for work

that hasn’t been done yet.

.  .  .


Need your project now, but to pay later?

We’ve got your back. No-interest financing available.

The Process of Web Design

What to Expect with Your New Website Design

Step 1// Discover & Learn


We want discover your goals, and learn how we can help you reach them.

Come in for your Free Consultation– Share with us your vision, goals, budget, and abilities. Tell us about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Tell us about your ideal customer, reveal your concerns about your competitors. Let’s discover and learn so we are best equipped we are to participate in your website design and digital marketing campaigns.

Step 2// Plan & Propose


Armed with your goals and budget, we plan your solution.

Itemized Project Estimate– Armed with your vision and the goals for your campaign, the VP Team collaborates to plan and create a strategy for your project. Together, we map out the solution to meet your needs within your budget. Once the strategy has been developed, we itemize the plan into a project estimate for your review.

Step 3// Creative Release


The style, the design, the brand // All come together here.

Online Branding– Your website design is often the first place your customers discover you. The look and style of your website are speaking for you every minute of the day. What does your online brand say about you? The VP Team works to communicate with your customers, connecting them to who you are, and why you do what you do.

Step 4// Information Design


Strategic layout targeted for your audience

Information Layout & User Experience– The User Experience (UX) is the main focus during this phase. The website layout, features, functionalities, and navigation are mapped out to enhance the viewing experience and engagement. Your website is custom designed according to your information and media, never crammed into a template.

Step 5// Function & Features


No matter when or where you work, your website is working for you.

Website Function– Extending your brand reach to the Highways of the internet is just the beginning. Get your products online with your own shopping cart. Share your thoughts with the world on your categorized blog. Provide profiles for your group in a directory, and use your site to communicate. How can your website work for you?

Step 6// Quality Check


Strategically it matches. Functionally it works. Aesthetically it’s beautiful.

Website Quality Check & Testing– Your custom WordPress website design requires thorough quality checks and testing from a variety of devices to ensure optimal UX. Additional security measures are put into place, forms are tested, content viewing and page loading are tested on mobile, tablet, and desktop. We use our mobile-first responsive design process on every website.

Step 7// Optimization and Launch

Google Website Launch

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Website Quality Check & Testing– It’s time to go live with your new website design, and the VP Team is excited to make the introduction to Google. Our launch process includes essential Google connections and account creation, including Google Search Console and Analytics. User behaviors are analyzed to improve performance and bounce rates during monthly SEO.