Stage 4 Fallopian Cancer

Rocky Fights Cancer and the Cancer Sucks Blog Series is a personal account of one midwest small business owner’s experience with fighting Stage 4 Ovarian/Fallopian Cancer as a single parent. The blog started as a way to communicate to her friends, family and colleagues during her trials, and has been used as a source to reach out to Rocky by other cancer fighters and survivors anywhere in the world.

Sharing our experiences, no matter how big, small, painful, hilarious, embarrassing, humbling or otherwise, helps us connect with others whom have had the similar experiences, leaving us all left feeling a little less alone in this world.

Are you or a loved one a Stage 4 Cancer Fighter/Survivor? Tell us your story in the comments, say hello, or feel free to let us know what you think.


Cancer Sucks- Update #13

As summer comes to an end and everyone is struggling to find…