What is Content & How Can You Use it?

For a term that gets thrown around a lot, Content isn’t easily defined. At its most basic, it’s the information you’re trying to communicate, but it’s more than just data. Good content needs to be fresh, readable, relevant, and useful information that is clearly presented. Content can start with an idea, phrase, or outline that can be built upon until it’s a useful message that clearly states what you want to communicate. How can you create meaningful content?

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Top 25 Online Business Directories

Getting Listed with the Top 25 Online Business Directories

With so many online business directories out there offering profiles and lead-generating subscriptions, it can be confusing, and frustrating, to decipher which online directories are necessary and helpful, and which ones are a waste of effort. Most companies are current with their Facebook Business Page, and maybe even have a Twitter and Instagram account started. But is that enough?

Did you know there are likely dozens of online directories with your information you don’t even know about? It’s true. Any online business directory can gather what they assume is accurate information and post it for the world to find. Unfortunately, they are often wrong with their guesswork, leading to incorrect information being blasted across the internet about your business. It’s important to know where your information is populating and that the right content is being provided.

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How to Reply to Google Reviews

Need help figuring out how to reply to Google reviews? 

We have all the tips and tricks for how to reply to your clients!

Replying to Google reviews can be one of the most crucial parts of your business. Most of your future clients are likely to check out what your previous and current clients are saying and it’s essential to show that you care about them by taking the initiative to reply to their reviews. 

Besides responding to your clients reviews being beneficial to you, Google has made responding to reviews a simple task to complete with just a few short clicks.

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