VantagePoint Marketing - Puppy Pepper sleeping with tongue out

We all know that workdays can get a bit boring and repetitive,

even when you work at a hip agency like VantagePoint Marketing. How do you spice up office life without taking too much away from your work?

For us, that’s where Pepper came in.

VantagePoint Marketing - Office dog pepper with VantagePoint penMeet Pepperoni, more commonly known as Pepper. He is the newest addition to our office, who instantly stole all of our hearts, and definitely keeps things interesting around here. Pepper is a French Bulldog puppy, who comes into the office with his owner, Valerie. Pepper can often be found chasing Eric around the office, barking at our skeleton Halloween decorations, snoozing on Valerie’s desk, or making friends with our mailman. 

Pepper’s favorite office activity is participating in meetings. He loves running in circles around our meeting table, stopping at each team member for pets (or to snatch up one of our pens). It’s always a plus to be able to pet a puppy during brainstorming sessions. Meetings may not be as productive as the pre-Pepper times, but they’re definitely a lot more fun! 

Meet Pepper!VantagePoint Marketing - Eric holding puppy Pepper during meeting

Not only is Pepper an office favorite, he is also a social media star! Be sure to follow him on social media @frenchiepepperoni for updates on this delightful boy.

Next time you’re in Downtown Anoka, stop into VantagePoint Marketing to say hi. Who knows, you may get to meet Pepper! And trust us, you’ll instantly fall in love with this paw-satively adorable puppy.

Unless you provide a totally unique product or service, every business needs something to stand out from the crowd. This often comes down to the values of an organization. We’re not talking about the cookie-cutter values that everyone thinks are nice but no one really puts maximum effort into.

Integrity, quality, work-life balance, customer service, and teamwork are values everyone agrees are nice, but few organizations are willing to take a hard stand and put a majority of their time and effort into them.

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With the impact of COVID-19 on large gatherings, churches and places of worship have had to change how they share their message. In the past, some churches have offered ways to view or listen to services online, but now it’s becoming the norm. Those worried about getting sick or feeling under the weather can continue to connect with their church online. Plus, the unpredictable Minnesota winters can make it impossible to get out of the driveway some Sunday mornings. Instead of a watered-down service, technology allows those who attend a virtual service to get as close to the in-person experience as possible from the comfort of their homes.

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Want to sell shirts and other gear without the hassle? Welcome to VP SWAG!

We’ve taken our years of experience working with small businesses and expanded our capabilities to offer custom-printed clothing and accessories. 

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As summer comes to an end and everyone is struggling to find their footing with online and distance learning, I find myself longing for days of the past. When the first day of school was celebrated with a supply and clothing shopping trip that resulted in adorable 1st day photos. When I didn’t have to strategically calculate how many times I want to go up and down the stairs of my own home because of the sheer effort it takes. When I could hug my friends and family freely and they would hug and hold me in return. When my bedside table wasn’t overrun with prescription pill bottles. When my kid didn’t hate and judge me for everything I did. When the world was a simpler, happier place.

But these days, everyone is a little extra miserable than usual. The stress between friends and families handling the pandemic differently is destroying relationships. The fear and consideration of losing loved ones over differing political and social climate standings is a daily struggle. As far as I can see, we are all a little more lonely than before.

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By now you’ve probably heard of Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and other websites for customers to find professional services in their area. Those sites can be helpful to get leads for your business, but many people get frustrated with them and the constant sales tactics to serve their own interests instead of helping your business or your customers. Here comes Google to the rescue. As the #1 source of information in the world, Google has developed Google Local Services Ads (LSA) to help people find trustworthy professionals in their area.

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