Mental Health & Small Business

World Mental Health Day was October 10th, and we shared this post on Facebook. Knowing how important mental health is, we wanted to go even deeper on the subject and provide more resources to help you keep your sanity while running a business.

Running a small business doesn’t make the stress any smaller. In fact, it’s often more stressful because you’re responsible for more. Many small-business owners know what it’s like to spend every hour of the day working on their business, sacrificing comforts to make their dreams come true. Hard work may be the key to success, but there’s only so much your mind and body can take. Before you get to the breaking point, check in with yourself and use these tips to reduce your stress and keep your mental health going strong for the long run.

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Align Your Priorities with Your Goals

“Even the most competent of leaders can be overwhelmed if they try to tackle multiple problems, or a number of tasks simultaneously. The team will likely fail at each of those tasks. Instead, leaders must determine the highest priority task – and execute.”
– Leif Babin, “Extreme Ownership”

Business owners often wear many hats, especially when starting out. How can you juggle everything on the to-do list while putting out fires and trying to find the time to grow your business? In order to get the most effective use out of your resources, you need to prioritize. Trying to do everything at once will leave you exhausted, confused, and put you farther behind on getting things done. By determining what tasks are truly important, you can focus on the things that will make a long-term impact on your success.

As a business, your goal is to provide the most value to the biggest audience. If you spent all your time and energy on things that made very little impact, you’d go out of business. Ask yourself, “What projects will help us reach our goals most effectively?”

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VantagePoint Marketing:
Name & Logo Timeline

As the clock counts down to our much anticipated 20-Year Anniversary Celebration, there has been a bit more reminiscing in the office lately. Today, we recalled how VantagePoint Marketing got its name, which resulted in being called out. “That should be a blog. You know you’d tell your clients that it’s a perfect blog. You should write that out in a blog.” And they were right, so here it is. 

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Convenience is King

Convenience is a commodity that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It has a value that people will pay top dollar for. Instead of having to go out of their way to get something, people will happily pay to have it delivered. The popularity of Amazon Prime and Grubhub is built on convenience. How can you make your business more convenient? What if you can’t be more convenient? The next best thing is brand loyalty. Creating a passionate following will make people want to do business with you, even if you aren’t the most convenient option.

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The Link Between Marketing & Customer Service

Marketing is letting consumers know why they should choose your business over your competitors. That includes more than just a single ad or social media campaign, there’s also customer service, customer experience, and follow-up care. All these things help a person make a decision where to buy from.

Good marketing communicates a message for customers to choose your business. Good customer service gives them a reason to keep coming back. Even if your goal was to make only one sale to each person, good customer services encourages people to tell others about their experiences.

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What is Content & How Can You Use it?

For a term that gets thrown around a lot, Content isn’t easily defined. At its most basic, it’s the information you’re trying to communicate, but it’s more than just data. Good content needs to be fresh, readable, relevant, and useful information that is clearly presented. Content can start with an idea, phrase, or outline that can be built upon until it’s a useful message that clearly states what you want to communicate. How can you create meaningful content?

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