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Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPIs are essential to track progress towards a goal, as long as you’re measuring the right things. The best way to improve something is by measuring it, making adjustments and measuring the results. To use your time effectively, you’ll want to make sure you’re measuring the right KPIs. There are many KPIs to consider, and although you’ll want to measure multiple KPIs (4 to 10 according to Hubspot), make sure to focus on the ones […]

Communicating Complex Ideas Simply

The speed of communication is faster than ever and always increasing. In order to reach people, you need to be able to communicate clearly and present complex ideas to a wide audience. Communication is key in any relationship, especially between businesses and customers. You need to communicate to potential customers about your products or services in an interesting way so the right customers can easily see the value they provide.

Social Media Image Sizes

Imagine seeing a billboard where the name of the company is cut off, or you can’t read the message they’re TRYING to communicate. Businesses take the time to make sure their billboard ads fit because billboards are EXPENSIVE! As social media grows, it becomes a better tool for inexpensive marketing and EVERYONE is using it to get their message out. Videos and images are great at getting attention and helping your brand stand out, so […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A popular marketing term that gets thrown around, SEO is the process of improving where a website shows up in search results. Years ago you could throw in keywords and be set, but as search engines get smarter, those tactics no longer work. The better strategy is focusing on topics that are relevant to your customers, not keyword stuffing.

The Power of Storytelling

Since humans started gathering around the warmth and protection of the first campfires, there have been stories. They passed down knowledge and vital information for survival and helped us bond. From the spoken word to written text, TV, movies, and digital media, stories give us entertainment and transport us to amazing places. It’s important for businesses to tell captivating stories instead of just presenting dry facts and uninteresting data. Facts and data are key pieces […]

Put the Spotlight on Your Customers

Instead of focusing on the product or service your business sells, think in terms of the clients’ needs. Your product/service may be exactly what a customer needs to improve their life, but if they can’t see that connection, they’ll never buy. The key is to understand your customers and be relevant with your marketing. Your goal shouldn’t be a one-off sale, but a lasting relationship where the customer can come to you for support and […]