VantagePoint Marketing - Puppy Pepper sleeping with tongue out

Meet Pepper!

We all know that workdays can get a bit boring and repetitive,

even when you work at a hip agency like VantagePoint Marketing. How do you spice up office life without taking too much away from your work?

For us, that’s where Pepper came in.

VantagePoint Marketing - Office dog pepper with VantagePoint penMeet Pepperoni, more commonly known as Pepper. He is the newest addition to our office, who instantly stole all of our hearts, and definitely keeps things interesting around here. Pepper is a French Bulldog puppy, who comes into the office with his owner, Valerie. Pepper can often be found chasing Eric around the office, barking at our skeleton Halloween decorations, snoozing on Valerie’s desk, or making friends with our mailman. 

Pepper’s favorite office activity is participating in meetings. He loves running in circles around our meeting table, stopping at each team member for pets (or to snatch up one of our pens). It’s always a plus to be able to pet a puppy during brainstorming sessions. Meetings may not be as productive as the pre-Pepper times, but they’re definitely a lot more fun! 

Meet Pepper!VantagePoint Marketing - Eric holding puppy Pepper during meeting

Not only is Pepper an office favorite, he is also a social media star! Be sure to follow him on social media @frenchiepepperoni for updates on this delightful boy.

Next time you’re in Downtown Anoka, stop into VantagePoint Marketing to say hi. Who knows, you may get to meet Pepper! And trust us, you’ll instantly fall in love with this paw-satively adorable puppy.

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