Small Business Spotlight – Origin USA

Today is Denim Day, but we’re taking a look at a company that does more than just denim. 

Origin USA – Handcrafted in America, Without Compromise. 

That says a lot right there. Even before we had to deal with shipping delays and countries shutting down, they had a vision of bringing manufacturing back to the USA. Starting with an industrial loom that was barely suitable for a museum, they used American ingenuity to build something, literally, from the ground up, using cotton grown in America for their products.

If you think the only way to make something is to outsource it across the world, businesses like Origin USA are proving that wrong every day. We’ve seen what can happen when we’re not self-reliant and something goes wrong. It takes hard work and determination to change the system, but it can be done.

The unfortunate truth is that manufacturing in other countries is so much cheaper because they have fewer regulations. Workers’ safety, environmental safety, and compensation aren’t regulated like they are in the U.S. and other countries, often leading to poor working conditions and negative environmental impact. It’s not realistic to think that we can change this overnight, but we can bring more attention to these issues. Support more companies that choose to go against the status quo and put in more work to create a quality product instead of focusing on profits at the expense of people and the environment.

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