Rocky Fights Fundraiser has Incredible Turnout!

I’m a little late with the summary, but a lot has been happening, man!

Did you make it for the fun? Oh, I hope so because there was much to be had. So much fun and love going around, smiles and laughter everywhere I looked on the faces of the people I love most. It was truly a day I’ll never forget. Four amazing hours of hanging out with some of the most important and amazing people in my life, who were simultaneously raising over $20K to help me and my family through this cancer cootie fight.

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The event was held at Route 47 in Fridley, a venue that has a lot of history for me. I used to run a karaoke show there, including a few bigger events, and spent many nights filling what used to be called “Picklepark” with friends and singers and drinks in the air. I became great friends with many of the employees, who, incidentally, ended up being major players in the setup of the amazing Silent Auction and the entire fundraiser. It was nostalgia for us to all be back at that gorgeous venue, especially when the karaoke was going on stage!


Then, of course we had the amazing Hot Pink Hangover band play, and let me tell you, these are amazingly sweet and talented people. Everyone loved their music, both original and covers, and when I tried to tip them for playing, not only did they refuse, but they DONATED to my cause, too! How incredible are they for making the event a blast by being the main entertainment, donating their time, and then donating to my fundraiser.

If you are in the market for a hot, skilled band to play at your venue, I cannot express enough how much you should check these guys out! Follow them on Facebook and check out their website



OF COURSE, there was the Silent Auction… and oh how amazing that turned out! It was incredible to see how many amazing baskets, services, and other valuable goods were donated and then the bidding battles that ensued after them. I participated as best I could by painting an “Acceptance” series of small paintings depicting this cancer adventure, and every single painting sold. I included a few of my other original paintings that were larger to draw attention to the table but didn’t expect to sell them, and every one of those sold as well! Funny enough, my largest one, the large lion called “Headdress” went to exactly who I’d hoped-  Check out their site and you’ll see why! Then there was a bidding war that continued behind the scenes when my dear friend finally caved and sold the painting again to someone who lost the bid– Check out how she displayed it! CLICK HERE #glassceiling  -Placed perfectly because she’s an interior designer and purple was her color, and they already have a motivational saying about tossing on their high heels… I’m so glad this one went to Candy, the owner of House 2 Home Flooring in Ham Lake. She was an incredible help at the Kissing Booth for the event, too!



Even some of my soccer girls from the years of coaching my daughter’s soccer teams came out to visit! One player in particular, Tatum, even got in a bidding war over one of my paintings and donating a whopping $90 of her own money to my cause! I can’t even type that out without tears coming to my eyes. I’m so lucky to have had these amazing young ladies in my life, and I hope they always stay in touch with me as they grow. Love them to pieces!



Oh gosh, what else? 

How about KARE 11 stopping in to share about the fundraiser!



AND, one of the most memorable moments for ME on this day, was the amazing surprise I received to have one of my favorite people fly in from New Jersey to see me! 


My dear friend, Jess, came just for my fundraiser, plus I was lucky enough to take the following Monday off to spend with her. I miss her like crazy all the time and had no idea she was trying to come to my event. It filled my heart with happiness and eyes with tears to turn around and see her in person.


Honestly, the day was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I think everyone should have a day like this, where they are celebrated by everyone they know and love all in once place for just a little while. But hopefully without the cooties to fight.

To everyone who came out for this magical day, thank you so very much for coming- you being there meant so much to me and I hope I hugged nearly everyone. To those who couldn’t make it but wanted to, I completely understand and will take long distance hugs and smiles in place of attendance without a problem. 🙂

“You are the company you keep.” It’s something I’ve said and believed in since I was a teen, and after this day, it’s no doubt I practice what I preach. Because I’m keeping in step with some really amazing people!

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