Cancer Sucks Update: So it’s been a while since my last post, mostly because there were some pretty tough days in there to get over. But there were some good and great ones too, fun with visitors, a trip to the Mayo, and my dad came home again for a couple of days.

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After getting a couple of second opinions, it sounds like I’m on the right plan for right now. The Mayo may have more options for me in the future, but not until after remission. So it’s good to know we have options in the future with these cooties.

As for my cancer numbers, pretty excited for the huge drop to the 300s, down from 1200s before, and the 2200s before that. Recovery from the last chemo was pretty brutal, so I am assuming the same for the next three rounds. Super duper! 🤢

But hey, my brother is in town for the weekend, my other brother is going to be a Husky at St Cloud State, my daughter has her DI Tournament tomorrow, I got to see my sister yesterday and lots of wonderful visitors over the past couple of weeks… Plus, Ive been able to get back to the office more and more with Eric and the VPoint Team, who have been doing an amazing job keeping things growing at work this whole time. Thank you thank you thank you! There’s a lot to be happy about right now!

AAAAAAAND a special thank you to my friend Stewart for my great new T-shirt!! #fuckcancer

Thank you, everyone, for your continued love and support!

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