It’s WORLD CANCER DAY! What a sad day to need to have… But it’s here and it’s getting harder to ignore as this ugly foe attacks the world without yet an end in sight. Today seems like an appropriate day to give a Cancer Sucks Update:

Welp, the last of my hair bit the dust. **Farewell, dear mohawk, you were loved though you were short-lived.** But while the loss of my hair is a bummer, I’m excited to hear that my cancer numbers are back near where I was before it began spreading like wildfire! …how much of good news this is or not, I’m not quite sure yet. They haven’t explained all of the ‘schematics’ of those numbers to me yet. But as far as I’m concerned, Less Cancer Means More Life. So I’m game!

Chemo Round #2 went well last Tuesday, wearing down my energy a bit for the week but otherwise it hasn’t been too shabby. My visit with the U of M was very positive, even if it was a bit premature, so there is a lot to be excited about!

Thank you, everyone, for your continued love and support!

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