Why Not to Use a Free Website Builder

The Cheap or Free Website Builder:  Wix, GoDaddy, Yola, Weebly, DoodleKit…

Auto “easy” Website Builders? NO.  Just simply…no.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve decided to get yourself online! Maybe you’re going to try to make money with your homemade headband hobby.  Perhaps you’ve recognized your flair for free writing and have decided to share it with the world wide web.  Or maybe the time has come to get your business banking real bucks by being online.  No matter the reason, one thing stands true: You need a website.

Of course, just like everyone else, you’re on a budget.  Now what?  You could call a professional web designer, but WHY when there are all those amazing free or cheap website creators- right?  Wrong.  We know it’s tempting.  I mean, they are free or only cost a few bucks.  And they promise to be oh so easy.  So, why not use something that promises to be professional, cheap and easy?  We’ll give you more than a few reasons, all of which are in your best interest.


Google Unfriendly

This may sound a bit advanced, but trust us when we say that it is important to be verified in Webmaster Tools.  Basically, Google won’t be able to find you with these “free and easy” website builders.  Webmaster Tools help monitor your crawl rates, broken links, search traffic and site downtime.  These are important analytics to stay on top of to be sure your site is functioning correctly and working for you.  Not just looking pretty and sitting there where nobody will see it.


Many of these great little free website builders utilize Flash for their creation.  But no matter what the website creators say, Flash simply is not search engine friendly.  Even Google recommends against it.  But don’t take our word for it, CLICK HERE to read more about Googlebot and flash files.

Limited Pages, Limited Data

Most of these website creators only offer one page websites.  This means you aren’t allowed to create multiple keywords, page titles or meta seta to be indexed and found for other search terms.  It’s like throwing all of your keyword eggs into one itty bitty basket.  Or fight a war with only one type of weapon when the other side is using every type of ammo imaginable.  If you want to compete, you need to be confidently armed.

Poor Analytics

Inaccurate site analytics wont’ allow website builder users to get an accurate picture of their site’s traffic or performance.  Google Analytics is highly recommended for every website.  This is where you’ll keep track of accurate and realistic reports of how your website is performing.

Poor First Impressions

Your site is going to look very template-y.  These automatic website builders might be plug-n-play, but your viewers will be able to tell that your site isn’t custom.  Why?  Because it looks just like another website that they saw the other day.  And it doesn’t seem to quite fit your information right.  And it just looks… meh.  Websites are a staple tool in business today.  If you aren’t able to keep up to date and really invest in yourself, why should your consumer?  Your website is your first impression.  Do you want to convey to your viewers that you’re small, not really in it to win it, and unprofessional?  Probably not.  It’s okay to be small, but still know your worth.  Show your viewers your worth.

Design Quality

You’re still not sure that one of those cheap site builders might just be “good enough”, right?   Okay, we get it.  Well, CLICK HERE to take a look at a sample “quality free design” that you can get from somewhere like Wix: Seriously, take a look.

Mobile Friendly | Responsive Programming

If you take a look at our previous blog entries, you’ll see how serious we are about your website needing to be responsive.   “Responsive Websites” have special programming that allow them to automatically move and adjust to the size of the screen your viewer is using.  They could be looking at your website on a large desktop screen, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone.  It doesn’t matter: You can be rest assured that your website isn’t just “good enough” on their screen.  YOUR website (if it’s responsive) is appearing on your viewers’ screens as if it was designed specifically for their screen.  This gives your viewer the ultimate experience and will keep them on your site.  If your website is frustrating and not viewing correctly on their tablet or smart phone, they are sure to find someone else’s website that will.  And if you use these free website builders, your website is certain to not work on your viewer’s phone.

No Branding

Without a personalized domain name, you’re immediately sharing with the world that you either A: Don’t know what you’re doing on the internet.  B: Don’t care about how you look on the internet.  C: Don’t have the money to look good on the internet.  It also greatly reduces your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) opportunities.  Plus, do you really want to be spelling out over the phone… “My website is www.wix.com…backslash…my..website…user…name”?  And try adding that long of a name to your business card.  Plus…the brand that is all over your site, is the brand of your website creator.  Should you really come second on your own website??


How amazing are you going to look with the great big flashing banner “THIS WEBSITE WAS CREATED WITH WIX.COM- CREATE YOUR OWN FOR FREE!” running along the bottom of your page.  It’s fine to have a link to the professional company who designed your website.  In fact, it’s important.  It shows you invested in yourself and are proud to share with everyone where they could follow in your intellectual marketing foot steps.  Plus it is an outgoing link on your page that is likely to be highlighted on your designer’s website (this creates important SEO Cross Traffic).  But do you really want that link to communicate “Hey, I got a free generic website to display my company online and you can too!”  You’re important.  And it’s okay to act like it!

No Support

Uh oh, there is a problem with your website.  Some of the information is incorrect or it’s simply not viewing right.  Time to hop on the phone and call that 1-800-TIME-WASTER for the automated menu that will get you to the call center associate who is still crabby because his cat coughed a hairball into his shoes this morning.  He can’t actually help you with your issue but after 15 annoying minutes and a pressured attempt to upsell you on something, is certain to get you over to a tech.  That tech may or may not take responsibility for the issue, but after about 45 minutes of your time, you might get your website fixed and functioning correctly.  Gee… that seems like a great money saver.
No.  It’s important to have a direct person you can call for real help.  Problems happen, that’s just reality.  So don’t dismiss the importance of having personalized tech support readily available because you are certain to need it at some point.

Listen, we know it’s tempting to try the free and cheap website builders.  They seem like a fast, easy and affordable solution to your website needs.  But honestly, it’s not worth it.  If you’re really on a tight budget, take a look for a local website designer who offers payment options.  You’ll get the professional design, SEO and Responsive Programming that you NEED, with a payment plan you can afford.  Your website will be designed around your content with SEO in mind so that your site can be a real tool that is actually working for your company’s best interests.

VantagePoint Marketing, LLC is happy to be that professional website designer to offer affordable options for professional website designs.  Don’t pay THOUSANDS for work that hasn’t been delivered! Pay-as-you-Go projects, and financing available. No Cancelation Fees, EVER. We’ll take care of you! 763.442.2584

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