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Social Media Management
Weekly Branded Posts
Online Contests
Instant Messenger Operator
Comment Response Assistance

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Google Ads Management
Facebook Paid Ads Management
Search Engine Ad Campaigns
Flat Fee Account Setup + 1-on-1 Training

Content Development
Blog Writing: Series, Stories
Press Releases
Video Blogging
Podcast Audio Blogging

Monthly Home Page Updating
Home Page Design + Content Updating
Archived content boosts SEO
Best for higher organic ranking
on Google as fast as possible

Graphic & Website Design
New Branded Design Ads for Social Posting
New Splash Pages for Target Market Ads
Create Branded Email Campaigns
Promotional Videos for Product or Service

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A Custom PROFILE IMAGE, COVER IMAGE and a BRANDED POST for each of the upcoming 2019 holidays, and if we’re admins on your Facebook, we’ll update your images online for free!

– Groundhog Day
– Valentine’s Day
– St. Patrick’s Day
– President’s Day
– Martin Luther King Jr. Day
– Spring Daylight Savings




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